STANDARD Fraud Detection & Remediation (FDR): PART II

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This course is a continuation of the prerequisite course Standard Fraud Detection and Remediation (FDR): PART I

Minimize your risk of loss due to fraud by utilizing the same training used by DMVs, Law Enforcement, federal agencies, and companies across the US, Canada, and worldwide. FDR is the industry standard in fraud training, with content provided directly by federal, state, and provincial issuing agencies.

A 100+ page downloadable reference manual is included, so you will always have the fraud tools you need close at hand. The course remains available for 1 year from purchase date OR course completion, whichever occurs FIRST.

This interactive, online course is fully narrated.  Course materials include the security features of over 11 document categories, presenter evaluation techniques, and document authentication skill development. Course time is approximately 4.5 hours, and can be stopped and resumed at your convenience.

Each of the lessons features a 10-question assessment requiring an 80% passing grade (multiple attempts are permitted). A downloadable certificate is available after successful completion of the course.

EACH student should purchase the course individually as a SINGLE LICENSE BUYER using their OWN name and email address (the same credit card CAN be used for different students). Do NOT use the Multiple License Buyer option.

If you are seeking a document examination course to fulfill IRS ITIN CAA requirements, please note that AAMVA does NOT participate in that program. Further information from IRS is available HERE.


Course lessons:

- Birth Certificates

- Titles and Vehicle Identification Documents

- Travel Documents

- Social Security Cards

- US Immigration Documents

- Military IDs

- Canadian Travel, Citizenship, and Immigration Documents

- Canadian Birth, Driver, and Vehicle Documents

- Mexican Documents

Multi-license purchases:  

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